2006 UltimateHaunt at the Haunt


Well folks, it’s that special time of year we all dig the most! Several weeks prior to the Halloween Haunt beginning, the maze lineup was released, we published an analysis on what we THOUGHT the mazes would be like. Now that we have attended the event, let’s see if we were correct or way off…..

Red Moon Massacre:
Our prior prediction was: “We won’t hold our breath for tons of monsters. However, we would LOVE to be proven wrong! Your best bet? Go on the attraction first thing in the evening and for those of you going earlier in the month….you may be able to see more characters than those in the latter part of the month.”

Our current review: Well, to be frank, there were a lot of monsters in the mountain when we went and if stays like this, we were DEFINITELY wrong! With that being said, it’s quite obvious this theme is on its last legs in the world of the Halloween Haunt. When Red Moon Massacre made its debut, the sets were amazing, including the final scene in which the riders of the log would go into a huge wolf’s mouth. Now, the wolf’s eyes appear to be broken and many other sets and props simply aren’t like what they used to be. The good news? Well, we’ve been a fan of this theme since its beginning, but we can all (hopefully!) look forward to a new theme in the Log Ride within the next season or two.

Lore of the Vampire
Our prior prediction was: “….the characters are pretty reliable, so it’s safe to say there should be some great vampires crusin’ the grounds. If not and if this maze falls flat, it’s our prediction it will be the last year of Lore. However, we don’t think Halloween Haunt would go entirely without a vampire maze….so some reincarnation may take its place…? Who knows.”

Our current review is: Let’s be honest….some of the talent were absolutely fantastic in this maze!! Some of the monsters were incredible! However, when we went through this maze during three different times, we found monsters speaking loudly to themselves completely ignoring us as guests! Perhaps it’s no wonder why Universal Orlando won the No.1 spot last year for the Amusement Today Golden Ticket for the best Halloween event…?! If the individuals who vote for the Golden Ticket came through when we did, Knott’s would have been lucky to reach the top 10.

Hey, we obviously love Knott’s Scary Farm, otherwise this site simply would not be here. However, when it comes to unprofessional conduct in a maze, perhaps other events are better suited. Looking at our prior prediction, this maze may indeed be on the ropes. Our current recommendation? Go through the maze this year and prove us wrong….again, not ALL of the monsters were bad…..but you are only as good as your worst moment.

Hatchet High
Our prior prediction was: “The reason we say to ‘skip it’ if this maze is not your thing is mainly because it’s unlikely anything new will be added to it. Again, we would love to be proven wrong….but it has remained unchanged since 2003. Our prediction truly is that this maze will continue to kick butt and entertain thousands. “

Our current review: Wait!! Go through this maze! It was great this year! It fizzled out toward the end a bit, but the monsters working the front room and the line were great! The sets were pretty much the same but the monsters were great! The undead cheerleaders, prom queens and football players were bouncing off the walls terrorizing everyone we saw! This maze has moved up several notches in our book……so the current recommendation is: Go and have a great time with this attraction!

The Asylum
Our prior prediction was: “This maze will keep kickin’ butt! It has been killer for the past three years….we don’t think that will change this year. This is NOT to be missed! The monsters have been consistent each time we’ve gone through for the past three years and have been incredible! “

Our current review: We were definitely right on the money. The 2006 Asylum is NOT to be missed. Why is it and HOW is it that some mazes die down over a period of time while others, like the Asylum, stay consistent, scary and thrilling each and every year? For many of the monsters of the Halloween Haunt: There is much to be learned from the monsters of the Asylum. They have IT down! For the fans reading this: Do NOT miss the Asylum. Overall, we have gone through this maze twice for 2006 and each time was as good, if not better, than the last couple of years. Enjoy!

Red Beard’s Revenge
Our prior prediction: “Unless something huge happens, this maze will probably be exactly as it has been for the past two years. We’re not expecting any major new rooms/areas or anything drastic. Yet again, we would love to be proven wrong! Perhaps the monsters will team up and not give you a chance to appreciate the sets……? We shall see!”

Our current review: Okay! Okay! We were WRONG! We said something huge needed to happen and it did: The monsters!! GOOGLE When we went through this maze, the sets were exactly as they had been, but a fire now exists among the monsters of the maze! We were incredibly entertained going through this maze….they were scary, funny and in-character. Keep up the great work for all the pirates reading this!! Have a great time as we would definitely recommend this maze as a must see for 2006!

Terror Vision in 3D
Our prior prediction was: “We believe that this maze will continue to get better year after year. Overall, one would think that it will probably be the same maze, except with new shows added…? We shall see. Either way, this is not to be missed as it is truly the humor of Halloween Haunt at its best”

Our current review: Wow…..at least when we went through, we were definitely wrong in our prediction! This maze had not changed whatsoever since last year. The rooms were the same and there were barely any monsters! What happened? This maze had all of the workings to be something great in the world of the Halloween Haunt and now, it was not impressive, stale and not entertaining in our opinion. Oh….and the music was so loud, you can’t hear what the monsters are trying to yell at you through the muffllings in their mask. Get to scaring and less yelling. It doesn’t appear to work. Our opinion? Thumbs down. Please prove us wrong. If you go through this maze during your visit to the Haunt and find it’s better than what you’re seeing here, please let us know!

Feary Tales in 3D
Our prior prediction was: “Not very much will be changed. Historically, when a maze like Feary Tales comes in, the sets/rooms stay relatively the same for quite some time before a change occurs. However, Terrorvision changed, so who knows? We would like to predict that some sort of explanation exists on some of the more….obscure fairy tales. In other words, some purpose (aside from 3D eye candy) would be great. Don’t forget, you do get two for one with the Asylum following directly after this maze.”

Our current review: This maze is fine and nothing is wrong with it. However, if you went through this maze last year and are expecting changes, don’t hold your breath. Some of the monsters were WAY cool! The pigs, the “things” in the Snow White area were cool as well as the piper. This is Halloween Haunt eye candy in 3D at it’s best. If you can, try and go through this maze early on before the crowds pile in so you can take time to dig all of the incredible artwork and costumes. This maze is better than just a pass to get to Asylum.

13 Axe Murder Manor
Our prior prediction was: “We expect this maze to probably be exactly the same as it was last year. However, we would like to think that more monsters will be lurking around more corners throughout the maze. Regardless of how it was staffed last year, you loved it and so once again, it is NOT to be missed!”

Our current review: Well, this maze appeared to be pretty much the same as it was last year regarding the sets. However, the monsters we saw were very cool and embraced the idea and concept of the theme of the maze. The monsters were very creepy and helped to set the mood for the various scenes throughout the maze. If you did NOT go through this maze last year, this is a MUST see!! We really enjoyed this maze and hope that you do as well. The line can be lengthy, so try and hit this early on in your evening!

Cavern of Lost Souls
Our prior prediction was: “We would love to see more added to this attraction. In recent years the Mine Ride’s décor has been slight, at best. However, this is the type of attraction where a little goes a long way (i.e., spider webs hanging from the ceiling (aka fishing wire)). So, we will have to wait and see what happens. However, we can’t get our hopes up high because of its recent history. Regardless, hit this attraction as one of the first of the evening.”

Our current review: This attraction was actually quite good! The talent in the “box” was great and although the effect is an oldie but a goodie. This attraction was better than it has been in the past. Without spoiling anything, more spiders have invaded the Mine Ride and actually, turned out to be a very good thing. Of course, the monsters at the exit area were great and our entire group/train were screaming as we exited the attraction. Again, be SURE to hit this super early in your evening because an hour long wait is probably not worth it, but a 15-30 minute wait is. Enjoy!

The Grudge 2
Our prior prediction was: “Is Sony Pictures funding this maze? Are they providing props from the movie, etc? If so, this maze will probably be the best we have ever seen at the event. Imagine what a maze at the Halloween Haunt would be like if the designers had an unlimited budget! We know this is just dreaming, but it’s a fun thought. What about the characters? Are they going to have small Asian boys in bad Beatle hair cuts spookin’ everyone out? Who knows! Overall, we have our minds open and are really looking forward to seeing what’s in store for this maze.”

Our current review: Without a doubt, the effects that are in the Grudge 2 maze are the best we have seen at the event in almost 20 years of attending Halloween Haunt. The special effects were absolutely fantastic and the sets were amazing! In our prediction we asked about the characters? Well, overall, it appears there are only a couple of different characters throughout the maze but as far as monsters go….there were a TON. This maze is action packed, scary and has some killer eye candy. We won’t say to much so as not to spoil the surprises…..but this maze is MANDATORY! You have to go through this thing! Have fun!!

Dark Realm with Lazer Tag
Our prior prediction was: “Not sure, but we bet there is money to be had there and if it helps continue to build a better event, then right on. We’ll have to check it out and let you know whether or not you should spend your time. Keep your eyes peeled!”

Our current review: Yes, yes, yes…..spend your time! First off, if you are an “old school” Halloween Haunt fan, you’re going to see some cool props from different past mazes in Dark Realm. We noticed things from The Underworld Unearthed, Alien Attack, Underground and others. We didn’t really know what to expect but this maze had some fantastic frights and scares in it!! Whether you just walk through or do the lazer tag, we think you’ll get a kick out of this attraction. Further, the attraction appears to be about twice as long as what it was last year, so there is even more action!! This was one of the main pleasant surprises of the evening!

Lost Vegas in 3D
Our prior prediction: ” Honestly? We think it will be….okay…..but just that: okay. We hope to be proven wrong. The designers could be going off on this maze and make it spectacular. On the other hand, this is not an original idea in the world of the Halloween Haunt and historically, these types of ideas at the event fall a tad short. We will keep an open mind and hope that this maze kicks us straight into oblivion! However, one would think at this point (without ever been through it), the feeling of dread (that most haunted mazes/houses should make one feel….especially for an event billed as Knott’s Scary Farm) will certainly not be present within this maze. It’s set to be entertaining….but probably not very scary. We will keep you posted with our trip report!”

Our current review: Ya know….sometimes ya win and sometimes ya lose…..and this maze is far from a winning attraction in the world of the Halloween Haunt…..and we’re not the only ones who feel that way, unfortunately. We overheard several other guests complaining. Oh well…..With that being said, this maze is simply not scary.

Back in the 1980’s when we started attending the event, the Halloween Haunt included periodic humor within some of its attractions and it worked almost as comedy relief….the mazes were scary primarily (just as the three “BIG” ones currently at Haunt: Asylum, 13 Axe and Grudge 2). However, the comedy was not solely relied upon as what appears to be case in Lost Vegas. Going through this maze, we felt as if we were going through Hatchet High, Terrorvision, Feary Tales, Carnival of Carnivorous Clowns, etc., but without the frights. The best thing about this maze (solely depending on your sense of humor) is the strip joint. Otherwise, this maze is so far from being a top maze, it’s almost a non-issue. Go through it to go and visit the strippers.

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