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The fog has rolled in and the world famous Knott’s Scary Farm Monsters have come out for the 32nd year. It’s been amazing to see this event grow to what it is. Season of Screams, the documentary of the Halloween Haunt is made available at the park allowing fans from all over to view what it takes to put this event on. After viewing Season of Screams and now entering the Halloween Haunt, a new appreciation, even deeper than before, is present as one looks at the park and can view what this event is all about. Two new Mazes have been added into the mix: Red Beard’s Revenge and Terrorvision. Some of the returning mazes have been either relocated altogether or simply revamped. Others, well…..our reviews are below.

The classic Scare Zones, Ghost Town and Gauntlet seem to have even more characters than even before, same goes for Carn-Evil. Now, the Swamp is in a new location due to the construction of the new roller coaster, Silver Bullet. Is the Scare Zone as good as it was in previous years? We’re about to share all of the details with you….

How about the shows? The Hanging no longer has Freddy or Jason, so what can guests expect now that a long tradition has come to an end? There are some other new shows and even Dr. Cleaver gets the spotlight now. Does he have what it takes to entertain the guests in the same theatre where Seymour, Wolfman Jack, Elvira, Weird Al Yankovic, Dr. Demento and others who came before hosted the event altogether? Allow us to share….

Halloween Haunt Mazes 2004
Trip Report: Sunday, October 17th, 2004
Below are reviews from the beginning of the month and the information in blue and after the ** outline the reviews from mid-month.

Curse of the Spider:
Replacing the Underground, Curse of the Spider has some fantastic new twists and turns, presented in a way that to us, seemed to work incredibly well. The Maze was definitely longer and rooms/hallways that were short the past couple of years in the prior location are now far longer. The attention to detail in this Maze once again puts it among one of our favorites this year. Very, very cool. We would definitely recommend this Maze to be a part of your “Go-To” List for this year’s event.

**Wow! Even though the beginning of the maze was closed off from the rains, the maze itself was outstanding still! The talent was rockin’! We really loved the monster with the arm extension and the red eyes. Very, very cool! He was working at least three rooms. VERY impressive! The maze was packed with energetic talent that we thought was A+! Congrats!**

Red Beard’s Revenge:
Wow! That’s the first thing that comes to mind even before one enters the Maze. With the talking skull (from last year’s Hanging) welcomes guests as they enter into this very amazing Maze. Entering into a Spanish-type of town and viewing the ‘wenches’ throughout amongst the undead pirates who have invaded the village is simply amazing to see. The details are simply incredible. As you exit the village, be sure to check out the details of the ship as you enter. Now, we won’t give away all of the cool details just yet to allow those of you who have yet to attend a chance to be surprised. In between the scares, just try and take a chance to appreciate the design. It’s up there with any Maze that we have EVER seen at the event. A Tip: Go on this Maze EARLY in the night. Due to the fact that the cue line is a little different, it will take time to get through it. If you end up trying to go through this Maze in the middle of a sold out Saturday night, you’ll be stuck for a VERY long time.

**Pictures of this maze are coming soon. For the most part, the talent was really fantastic! Some of the monsters were a little mellow with their scares, but their hiding positions made up for it. The sets are very cool however, the one thing that was noticed was the lacking of a soundtrack. It seemed to be very quiet in the maze and I know that traditional pirate music probably wouldn’t really help, but something…anything, might have added to the vibe of the experience. BOTH times we have been through this maze, there is a part were guts/intestines are hanging from the ceiling and a creature comes out from within them….BOTH times that monster’s time has been PERFECT. The first Red Beard that we saw near the cannons was running around like a mad man. Very cool.**

Lore of the Vampire:
Well, we were a little bit worried about this Maze and allow us to share why. It was obvious that this Maze had been cut drastically down in size and so we were not too sure how the ‘Lore’ part of this Maze would translate with it being shortened. In other words, if it is so short, how will it continue to display vampires through different time periods in a way that can be understood with some sort of flow. Well, we worry no more. The Maze is once again outstanding and to be quite frank, we were surprised to see even more detailed artwork than before! The designs have been updated and the artwork that has defined the Haunt vampire mazes since Lair of the Vampire once again shine in the forefront. And of course, all of your favorite vamps are living it up in the killer undead way that only they can. We loved it and we think you will, too!

**Fun, fun and more fun! This maze STILL packs a serious punch and truly proves that the mazes can still kick butt throughout the month. From the very beginning in the graveyard and church all the way to the Wraith, this maze was pumpin’! A BIG SIDE NOTE: Since Ultimatehaunt.com has been online, it has been our desire to really put a spotlight on the individual characters of the event. I’m floored as to why these characters are not marketed. However, as we went through Lore, we took a few steps (just after the creepy brides) down to the Queen’s Lair. We got to her coffin and were approached by two individuals working for the park asking if we would like to take a souvenir photo with the Queen Vampire. Of course our answer was YES!! But further, we thought that it was very cool to see that it’s a step in the right direction in allowing the guests of the event to grasp some identity with these characters. If you go through, make sure to take your picture with the Queen! 

Blood Bayou:
Here is a Maze that has been primarily the same now for its third year. If you have loved it in the past, then you’ll love it again. If you are looking for anything noticeably different for 2004, you probably won’t find it. Basically, this maze seems to be an exact replica of last year’s rendition of the backwoods, Deliverance-type of theme. Be that as it may, you’ll have a screamingly great time finding your way through Blood Bayou!

**We went through this maze around 11pm and there was no line, so it was just our small group entering the maze. Sounds like the PERFECT scenario, right? To go through a Halloween Haunt maze with only you and your tiny group to face these monsters! Right?? Wrong!!! We were VERY disappointed!! We actually startled the monsters who were busy talking to each other and one even had his mask off!!! Very bad. MANY of the long rooms were absolutely EMPTY. On a positive note, the Voodoo King was still great, the one poor monster working his heart out in the chain fence area (covering the ENTIRE section himself) as well as the pigs at the end were the only ones we saw trying to put out scares. 

Temple of Sacrifice:
Shoot! Well, we were hoping for a little bit more with this attraction than what we saw last year, but unfortunately, it’s still the same. If you’re interested in checking this thing out, go early in the night!! Packed with Aztec Gods, Goddesses and sacrificial….”things”, you’ll have a very brief visit through Temple of Sacrifice.

Red Moon Massacre:
This attraction was rockin’ when we went through! Tons of talent throughout the attraction made this very thrilling. However, when we went on Red Moon, so much fog filled the mountain we simply could not dig any of the details that we know are there (i.e., the werewolf mouth at the conclusion of the ride, etc.). We still recommend that you attend this attraction VERY early in the night. If not the first attraction, definitely within the first couple. Enjoy!

**Well, this was the first attraction of the night. No characters were in the line that we have seen in the past. I counted THREE monsters throughout the entire attraction. Does this mean that we recommend that you don’t go on this attraction? Well, no. It just proves that sometimes attractions like the Log Ride can be hit or miss. Regardless, you still should go on this attraction early on. Why? Because if it is fantastic and wonderful, you wouldn’t want to have to wait an hour for it…and if it’s no fun….well, again, you wouldn’t want to have to wait an hour for it, right? 

Army of the Underworld:
Here is the truth: The number of talent is at a low point in this maze. It has unfortunately just gotten worse over the past several years. The theme is now very tired and not as exciting as it once was. However, if you have never been on it, well….you might like it as a breather from the other more intense attraction. If you’re going to go on this attraction, we strongly recommend that you do it VERY early in the evening because it will not be worth a long wait later on in the course of your adventure.

Malice in Wunderland:
Whether or not you’ve been through this maze before, you simply won’t be able to deny the artistic creativity that has gone into the creation of Malice in Wunderland. A must on your list of things to do. There is some new artwork that we hope that you notice which is very cool looking, especially with the 3D glasses. As always, we definitely recommend that you utilize the 3D glasses in all of the 3D mazes at the event.

**Unfortunately, the first part of this maze was flooded and so we entered into what was about half way into the maze. However, there was a HUGE plus to this! It seemed that the talent from a long maze was jammed into a space half the size….which means, the maze was PACKED with KILLER talent!!! Amazing!! Practically EVERY corner had a demented Malice, a Queen of Parts, etc. The talent was so high up on the energy level you would have thought it was opening night!! GO ON THIS MAZE!! It still has a big punch! 

Carnival of Carnivorous Clowns from Outer Space:
Outer Space? Well, we did notice the little alien clowns on the roof of the arcade when we walked up. Other than that, don’t expect to see “Killer Klowns from Outer Space”. There is a difference at the conclusion of the maze and a minor addition at the beginning, but overall, it’s the same ol’ C3 that you have come to know and love over the past five Haunts.

**This maze was still holding up fine. Nothing to freak out about and nothing to rave about but overall, it was good. Some sections were missing talent however, the talent that were working were spread in such a way that when you had a chance to think, “hmm, where is the next monster?”, the next one would be right in your face. The new theme at the end of the maze is really difficult to grasp onto. It’s obviously supposed to be in a space ship, but the definition of the additional rooms and props are not that clear. Not only that, both times we went through, the chair for the “spine master” (which was previously used in the Underground maze) was empty….is there supposed to be some clown in there? Apparently not. 

Hatchet High:
Unfortunately, this Maze was a little disappointing for us as we walked through. The reason being is that it was SO dark that we could not really follow the theming from room to room. The Prom, Graduation scenes were obvious but beyond that, it was sort of difficult to follow. It seems that perhaps Knotts was trying to make this maze a little spookier by dimming the lights but in our opinion….it did not work so well. On the flip side, dig the tunes and the fun soundtrack. The talent was really working it up.

**Hey, we don’t have a problem in eating our words. This maze really picked up since the last time we went through at the beginning of the event. It was obvious that some talent has been lost since the last time we went through, but it’s obvious now that the monsters now in Hatchet High are creepier than ever. There is a very nerdy student monster in the room with the Frog Dissecting who was very cool and creepy. He had the whole room laughing. The monsters in the cafeteria and the classroom were also very entertaining. We also LOVE this soundtrack! Especially the prom area. 

The Asylum:
Did you vote for Asylum for the Ultimatehaunt.com Maze of the Year for 2003? Well, if you did, you’re in for some surprises. If you didn’t, you’re still in for some surprises. This maze was VERY creepy when we went through! Believe it or not, the way in which the 2004 version of the Asylum is set up REALLY creates an eerie feel to it, which seemed to add a lot of tension walking through the Maze. Further, the Maze was PACKED with talent that was simply making the entire presentation really come to life. The maze is now backstage and in a new location and although it was difficult to tell due to the lightening, we believe that it’s the same layout as last year. This Maze was sensational and absolutely continued to do what it does best….disturb people!

“THE maze of our second visit!! VERY AWESOME!!! EVERY monster was in character and as twisted as ever. We bow down to your greatness!! Where to begin? Well, right off the bat, the first ‘patient’ in the first room was huge and creepy! The monsters in the experimenting rooms were doing their goriest best to keep up the energy. Perhaps this maze is even better than it was last year. Simply amazing. Thank YOU!! There was just something about this maze and the talent that was above move of the others. The bottom line: In character. The monsters were consistent right up to the exit**

Happy Days, Brady Bunch, Twilight Zone, Sesame Street, Jerry Springer, just to name a few. Picture Nick at Night, only undead. With a fantastic soundtrack and high energy talent, this maze, believe it or not, was totally entertaining! The 3D images were fun and the theme (although a similar vibe to Toon Terrortory) was as classically twisted as any Haunt Maze. Definitely a must see because once the rollercoaster is built, who knows where it will be!

**COOL! Right off the bat, the ‘static’ guys at the beginning were totally great! The Happy Days room was hilarious and great, but I gotta tell ya….the star character in the Outer Zone room has impeccable timing!! Got everyone in our party!! Mr. Bobby Brady….doing great! We won’t let you know where he roams so you can be surprised when you meet him. The The Sesame Street Monsters were AWESOME!! You can’t get much better than a muppet with a chainsaw! The Jerry Springer guys….we had no idea that EVERYONE in that room was real. DEFINITELY one of THE best mazes and arguably the best for 2004. DO NOT miss it!! 

**A SIDE NOTE: When entering a couple of the mazes, the line control people at the maze entrance advised us to not touch the monsters. The only maze in which this was said with authority and almost a warning was the Asylum. The young gentleman at the beginning of Hatchet High barely whispered it to us. Now, we have seen A LOT of talk on the Ultimatehaunt.com Message Board about the Monsters getting hit and shoved constantly. I think it was VERY cool for the young line control woman in front of Asylum to be informing the guests (with authority) not to touch the monsters. Why is it that SIGNS are not posted at the entrance of EACH maze that advises guests not to touch the monsters? Why is it not POSTED at the front gates? Or even better, why is it not printed out on the actual tickets? Either way you look at it, it is ASSAULT and BATTERY. Looking at the numerous messages on the message board indicates that there is a definite problem. Either way, the Line Control woman at Asylum…..maybe that’s why the monsters are doing so great in there…..perhaps they’re safer?

The mention by Line Control is a great start. Thank you for asking us not to touch the monsters.

We have seen the shows at the Halloween Haunt. It’s our personal opinion that Ed Alonzo is a MUST SEE!! This will mark his 11th Halloween Haunt and the man has it down. His type of presentation is within the same vibe as the mazes of the Halloween Haunt: Fun, disturbing and very entertaining. His show definitely matches the theme of the event and to be quite frank, we were disappointed with the other shows that we saw during the event. The only shows that we can simply and honestly recommend is Ed Alonzo, Zamora and the Hypnotist.

Ed’s show is new for 2004 and the magic is outstanding! So much of his show deals with the audience, each time is that much different depending on how the audience reacts. Don’t miss it!! Consider yourself lucky to see a headliner in such a small setting!

The Halloween Haunt began based around a show (Seymour: The Master of the Macabre) and if it was not for that show, the Halloween Haunt very likely would not exist today. We feel that Ed Alonzo’s presentation and overall form of entertainment fits like a glove into the world of Halloween Haunt. The Hypnotist and Zamora, the Torture King also fall into this category as well. Zamora is NOT for the faint hearted, so be warned!

Of course, this information is just based on our opinion. You may love Dr. Cleaver or Tommy Tomb or you may be like the people we saw walk out midway through the shows. It may be just us and this website again, is in promotion of the event. We do not want to deter you from experiencing every attraction that the park has to offer. IF you have the chance, SEE ALL OF THE SHOWS and ATTRACTIONS and judge for yourself because no matter what, there is something there for everyone.

There are SO many attractions and shows to see at Knott’s Scary Farm that it is very difficult to see all in one evening. The above recommendations are just to provide you a brief outline of what are opinions and experiences were at the event. We have been attending the event since 1987 and have had numerous interviews and conversations with people who have attended the event since 1973. The information we provide to you is what we feel will help you get through the most for your money when you attend the event. For more information visit our TIPS section of the website.

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