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These links contain information on Knott’s Scary Farm Halloween Haunt, as well as other fun tidbits:
Visit the official site for answers to all of your questions.


Haunted Media Magazine’s second issue covers the Halloween Haunt. Presented in video, this issue is an awesome look into the Haunt! Click the banner above to get all of the details you’ll need to get your copy! If you’re a Haunt fan, you will definitely want this! This is also the same company who made the legendary Season of Screams: The Legacy of Knott’s Scary Farm Halloween Haunt DVD documentary feature!

Visit our friends over at KNOTT’S GHOST TOWN TALENT – A wonderful tribute to the Ghost Town cowboys, saloon girls and personnel from the 1970’s and 1980’s. A true golden period in Knott’s Berry Farm history!

A wonderful site that focuses in on Los Angeles television of yesterday…including SEYMOUR THE MASTER OF MACABRE, the very first host for Knott’s Scary Farm!  They also have information on Moona Lisa (co-host in year two of Knott’s Scary Farm) and of course, Elvira!

Red Swan Entertainment can be seen at the Halloween Haunt in their show “Inferno” 

Phantom Coaches Hearse Club

Some music featured at the Halloween Haunt can be found at….

Check our “fiends” at Jughedz!! 

Visit our zombie friends at the So Cal Zombie Walk!!

A fantastic tribute to Knott’s Berry Farm! 

Tell our friends at Valley Scare “Hello”!

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They have a ton of monsters and even cool videos on MonsterSpaceTV! Be sure to tell ’em sent ya!

The following sites may or may not contain Halloween Haunt information.  Either way, please check these sites out!  If you are a fan of the Haunt, you’ll love these sites!  By the way, these sites are not in any particular order, so visit all of them!! 



Makers of Horror Special FX and even the Haunted Vineyard in Southern California! Pay them a visit and tell them that sent you!

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