THE RETURN OF ZULU (Grand Sierra Railroad in Camp Snoopy):
This ride was very cool. 1987 was the last year that Knott's used the Camp Snoopy Train ride for a Halloween Haunt attraction. The main theme of this ride had somewhat of an Aztec theme. It is believed that "Zulu" was a mechanical monster that "popped-out" of Reflection Lake as the train went by. Monsters appeared from nearby bushes and a cave that the train passed through.



THE WITCHES REVENGE (Ghost Town Square):
This is what was to was to become the infamous "Hanging", which was much smaller than it is today. Basically, the "law" of Calico (who mostly were just dressed in cowboy clothes, not the monsters of today) held a witch trial. The accused witch was found guilty and sentenced to death. The witch then put up a big fight, and when she was about to be hung, big flames surrounded her as she "mysteriously" turned into a flock of doves. Although the show was on a small scale, it was popular enough to set the foundation for the Hanging as we know it today.
Knott's did away with these in about 1995. Some of the buildings in the Ghost Town displayed little scenes inside the windows. People could witness the barber slicing the neck of one his customers, or see a group of witches meeting with one another. It was basically just the dummies that are normally at Knott's Berry Farm with masks on. Some of the windows had sensors, so as you approached the window, a mechanical monster would pop out.  Years before the dummies were used, actual "live" characters were inside of the buildings scaring people.  Due to the fact that the buildings are so old, Knott's stopped using live actors.

Ghost Town Monsters - 1987
*By the way, for you serious Haunt collectors, the above pictures of the Lionface, Witch and CowGhoul may spark your memory. These images appeared on Halloween Haunt souvenir T-shirts back in 1987. Pretty cool!