2003 UltimateHaunt at the Haunt


New monsters can be found throughout every single Scare Zone, so be sure to put aside time to check all of them out. They are all living up to the pride and integrity that the Halloween Haunt stands upon, proving for the 31st year, that the event is no doubt, number one. Visit areas like the Swamp to see the latest family member…all 10+ feet of him…”The Impaler”! Hang out for a bit in the Gauntlet and Ghost Town to see the characters you’ve come to know and love scare the daylights out of as many people as they can!! More details will be posted soon, including many new pictures! But here are our thoughts on:

Haunt Mazes 2003

Those looking for changes in this maze different from that of 2002 won’t really find any. However, we still encourage you to go through because the maze is packed full of talent waiting and willing to scare anyone with the guts to go through. All of the classic rooms and themes still exist in the maze that you have come to know and love for several years now. For those of you who have not been through the Underground, this maze is a must!!

The Inquisition:
One word: Fog. With some new parts in the soundtrack of this maze, you’ll find your arms outstretched to try and find your way through the maze. As many times as we have been through this maze, there was STILL a section toward the end (no, we won’t tell you exactly where) that is SO fog-filled, we stopped up the line for a good two minutes not being able to move. In fact, we ended up in an employee’s exit and making a wrong turn because we completely lost our way. Toss a few monsters with the mix and this maze is still kickin’ and breathing.

Lore of the Vampire:
This maze keeps getting better and better as time goes on. If you’re looking for Dominion of the Dead, you’ll still be waiting for a little while longer, but this maze is absolutely fantastic!! With the classic characters with freakish energy, this maze is mandatory on our list of things to go through at Knott’s Scary Farm. Some very interesting new rooms have been added there that are really entertaining and simply cool! We won’t give away details as of yet, but keep your eyes peeled for the music room, the library and even a theatre! Enjoy and cover those necks!

Blood Bayou:
Basically, this maze seems to be an exact replica of last year’s rendition of the backwoods, Deliverance-type of theme. We know that many people missed out on going through this maze last year, so here’s your chance to check it out!! You will not be let down. This maze came in at an incredibly close second-place for the 2002 Maze of the Year, so due to the fact that it’s basically the same thing (energetic talent, creepy rooms and sets, etc.), you’ll have a screamingly great time finding your way through Blood Bayou!

Temple of Sacrifice:
Let’s face it: The line inside of the pyramid for Jaguar is a bit creepy all by itself without being decorated for Halloween Haunt. The Temple of Sacrifice is a point in the right direction. When we went through this attraction, there weren’t very many guests in the park and even still, getting through the maze was slow. If you’re interested in checking this thing out, go early in the night!! Packed with Aztec Gods, Goddesses and sacrificial….”things”, you’ll have a very brief visit through Temple of Sacrifice.

Red Moon Massacre:
We love it. It’s a fun version of the Log Ride and has just been getting better as the years go on. The maze is packed full of talent and we feel the same way this year as we did last year…hit this maze first! It’s a great warm up and an exciting way to get your evening started at Knott’s Scary Farm.

Army of the Underworld:
What would you like first? The good news or the bad news? Okay, we’ll give you the good news: The good news is that the some of the sets in this attraction have become more elaborate than what one would usually expect to see in the Calico Mine Ride. With enormous spider dens, Army of the Undead members and areas inundated with Scare Cloth, the Mine Ride is very cool to look at and sets a great tone. However, the number of talent is at a low point. If you’re going to go on this attraction, we strongly recommend that you do it VERY early in the evening because it will not be worth a long wait later on in the course of your adventure.

Malice in Wunderland:
This maze is very much still kickin’ butt when we went through. Plenty of talent were working their hearts out and getting scares after scares. The eye candy of this maze is still just as great as ever and a few new rooms exist for those of you who have been through in the years past. Whether or not you’ve been through this maze before, you simply won’t be able to deny the artistic creativity that has gone into the creation of Malice in Wunderland. A must on your list of things to do.

Carnival of Carnivorous Clowns:
Packed full of the nutty and psychotic clowns, Carnival of Carnivorous Clowns is still running strong and was very exciting went we paid our visit. Just as with Malice in Wunderland, there are a few new rooms for you to enjoy! Eye candy galore and what seems to be a ton of clowns freaking out at every corner. And yes, for those who are wondering, if you have clown phobia, here is your perfect opportunity to overcome that fear….sink or swim. Got the guts?

Curse of the Spider:
Maze of the Year in 2002, this attraction seems to be literally the exact same as it was last year. Due to the fact that it has gone unchanged, here is your perfect opportunity to visit an incredible maze with small, tight walkways and corners, webbing at every turn and of course, thousands of spiders!! If you get the chance, look up and down some of the walls to appreciate the fine detail that went into making this maze.

Hatchet High:
If you had the opportunity in the past to visit the old Knott’s Haunt Maze, Toon Terroritory, you’ll find the same type of vibe here in Hatchet High. Very “tongue-in-cheek” and packed with the twisted Halloween Haunt humor, Hatchet High definitely has some….interesting moments. No, this is not a high school slaughter type of theme. The premise is a meteor hits the high school and turns it and the students into a very warped and gory world of undead mutations. This maze will not be for everyone, just like Toon Terroritory. Some people will walk out enjoying it and getting a kick out of the theme, while others will walk out wondering what the heck they just went through. We’ll let you decide!

The Asylum:
When you see the front of the entrance to the Asylum (at night time), you’ll instantly know that you are about to walk into one seriously “hard core” Knott’s Halloween Haunt maze. This maze is what the typical Haunt fan hopes for when they attend the event. It pushes some serious limits and what can we say…..?! You simply MUST go through this maze when you go to Haunt this year. This maze will end up with a pretty hefty line, so go through the Asylum early on in the evening. In our opinion, this is hands down, the best Haunt has to offer this year, but of course, we’ll let you be the ones to judge….

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