DEAD MAN’S WHARF (Haunted Shack): 
The following is the official maze description: “It’s late at night but you’re not at a theme park anymore – instead, you’re on the docks of an old, abandoned San Pedro shipyard, engulfed in a thick blanket of fog. A distant foghorn guides you past the mutilated remains of wayward, cruise ship-seeking tourists who obviously made one too many wrong turns. Suddenly, out of the mist comes the reason why this wharf has been vacant so long – a hideous black figure who clearly doesn’t welcome company! Try as you might, you can’t escape this maniac’s reach. Will you safely find the way back to shore or join the legions of others who are now permanent beachfront residents? ” Loosely inspired by “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, the attraction is complete with boats, television “emergency” newscasts displayed while waiting in line, fish netting, and sound effects that really set the mood.   The Haunted Shack was torn down in 2000, and Dead Man’s Wharf was the last maze for the Shack. page   The Haunted Shack was up from 1954-2000. .   

ALIEN ATTACK! (Ghost Town): 
Entering a forest scene, camouflaged aliens blending into the environment bombard you. After some twists and turns, a huge spaceship awaits with its open door. Walking through the fog-filled ship, visitors witness strange and brutal experiments performed on humans. The tour displays various control rooms while huge-headed aliens pop out. Alien Attack was the first ever “Preview Maze”.  In 2000, Knott’s opened Alien Attack in September and ran it every Saturday evening throughout the month to promote the Haunt. .